Roof Maintenance

The number one cause of water leaks is a damaged roof. When the roof shingles are not kept in good condition or are blown off in strong winds, water is able to get underneath and penetrate the base layer.

A water leak in the roof can cause more than just water damage on the interior. A leaking roof leads to mold or mildew damage in carpets and walls. Once the walls get compromised by water, they can lose strengthen and the risk of collapse can be significant.

How often should I inspect my roof?

A damaged roof can lead to leaks, mold and costly repairs. A roof inspection determines the integrity and lifespan of a roof. Checking a roof every 2-4 years is sufficient, unless there is unusual weather or you notice:

  • water spots on your ceilings and walls
  • see any sagging, broken, curled or missing shingles
  • find missing flashing

These are all indicators that the roof possibly needs repair.

What To Look For

The external inspection of your roof varies slightly based on your home's roof type.

For wood shake, shingle, or composite roofs check for popping nails, missing shingles, dry rot, or leaks around flashing. On tile and slate roofs look closely for fractures between and through the roof.

Don't Forget Your Attic

It is also good to check your attic annually for any noticeable signs of water damage, visible holes, light penetration. These are signs your roof should be professionally inspected and evaluated for any needed repairs.