Deck Maintenance

Problems to look for when inspecting your deck?

Normal usage can cause wear and tear on decks. Most damaging to a deck is water damage or dry rot. Leaves and dirt left on your deck can also cause damage, and need to be regularly removed in order to prevent an accumulation of debris from plugging the areas between the boards. Once your deck is clean, it is much easier to spot any loose nails or boards, which are the things that most often require deck repair

Eliminate Mildew!

Mildew should be removed from a deck soon after it appears. Allowing it to grow untreated, even in the winter, can lead to additional deck damage.

Pots and Planters

Setting planters and pots directly on a deck's surface may cause staining. Consider removing planters from from the deck or moving them around on a regular basis to decrease the effects.

The simplest solution is to raise pots and planters using a piece of pressure treated wood. This will reduce the rate at which the deck is stained.

What is a good deck maintenance schedule for Oregon?

A schedule of 1-3 years is a good choice for most wood decks in the Northwest. In general, most deck sealers only last 1-2 years in the weather of the Portland area. It is also important to remove dirt and debris regularly. In the fall, this can mean using a leaf blower to clear the deck weekly.